ERP Portugal celebrates 15 years

May 13th, 2020

ERP Portugal celebrates 15 years in waste management and promotion of sustainable behaviors

Created on May 13, 2005, ERP Portugal celebrates today its 15th anniversary with a remarkable and challenging trajectory, experienced in the waste management sector in our country.

Belonging to the European Recyclign Platform (ERP), founded by four major manufacturers of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment sector - Electrolux, Gillette Portugal Group (now Procter & Gamble), Hewlett-Packard Portugal and Sony (now Sony Europe Limited, Branch in Portugal), ERP Portugal started operating in the management of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), having obtained, in 2010, the permit to work, also, the specific flow of Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA).

Essentially presenting the introduction of the competition factor in the market and the dynamization of a fairer and more efficient system, the compliance scheme has the confidence of a wide range of companies that currently exceed 800 Producers, of which large players are part of retailers sector and national and multinational companies that lead the sales of electrical and electronic products and batteries and accumulators in our country.

ERP Portugal ensures that waste (WEEE and WBA) reach their final destination, being subject of decontamination, recovery and recycling. In this way, it is possible to protect the environment and the health of everyone, avoiding, for example, the contamination of soils and groundwater and the waste of natural resources, introducing secondary raw materials in the process of manufacturing new products.

For this purpose, the vector of population mobilization for active participation in the management chain has been crucial, since it all starts with the consumer, all of us, since these waste need selective delivery and cannot be placed in the normal garbage. This mission has marked the agenda of ERP Portugal's activity in the creation and promotion of delivery points for these waste, close to the consumer, in a network that already exceeds 3200 points, distributed throughout the country, from electrical and electronic stores to receiving centers and Depositrão containers.

Over these 15 years, the communication and awareness strategy has been focused on the implementation of initiatives that promote learning and the adoption of sustainable behaviors, among the various stakeholders in the Management System, with emphasis on directed actions with schools (Geração Depositrão campaign), partnerships with companies and entities or events with the general population. The Depositrão brand was born in 2008 to provide solutions close to consumers to facilitate the delivery of WEEE and used batteries, a behavior that represents the first stage of the management chain. Very soon, ERP Portugal will launch a new solution for the collection of used batteries to stimulate the population's engagement and ensure that this hazardous waste will be treated and recycled.

Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, adds that “we are already an effective player in the market for the management of these types of waste, as a result of the work we have been carrying out in all of our activity and with the various players in the management chain of the respective Integrated Systems. From the expansion of our collection sites to prevention and awareness actions and R&D projects, ERP has been gaining field in Portugal, generating the involvement of the population, through its active participation in the selective delivery of the targeted waste. We celebrate our 15th anniversary with the digital renewal of our social media platforms, a channel that we defend as essential to continue to mobilize behavior ”.

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