Recycling is also helping the Portuguese League for Animal Rights

November 17th, 2020

ERP Portugal and Pingo Doce stores promote good practices

ERP Portugal runs a campaign to collect small electrical and electronic equipment and used batteries, in partnership with Pingo Doce, to raise funds for the Portuguese League for Animal Rights (PLAR). From today and until the end of the year, for each waste ton delivered in Pingo Doce stores, € 100 will be donated to the PLAR for the purchase of resources and supplies.

With the motto “Do not abandon your used batteries and equipment. Recycling is also helping!” this initiative aims to raise the awareness of the Portuguese to adopt good practices applicable not only to the recycling of electrical and electronic waste and used batteries (guaranteed through their delivery at Pingo Doce stores) but also to the defense and protection of animals also victims of the current pandemic situation.

Filipa Moita, ERP Portugal PR Manager, adds that “this is a campaign with which we hope to get, literally, tons of waste, so we call for the participation of the Portuguese citizens! Certainly we all can find a battery left inside an old clock or a radio that no longer tunes channels abandoned at home. Participation in this sustainable journey is free, simple and accessible to everyone and will make a difference in the management of the resources of the Portuguese League for Animal Rights. Because every ton counts, don't abandon your waste and deliver in Pingo Doce stores.”

In addition to used batteries, appliances such as toasters, mixers, coffee machines, controls, shavers, among others, can be delivered in Pingo Doce stores.

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