Depositrão Generation collected 400 tones

January 22nd, 2021

• Beja, Setúbal, Leiria and Faro districts occupy the collections Top 5
• Second phase shows an increase over 150% in tons collected
• ERP Portugal kicks off 13th Edition with presentation of new image and new challenges

New Year, new image and results that exceed expectations in the 12th edition of Depositrão Generation, the largest environmental awareness program in the country that aims to inform and train children and young people - and, through them, the population in general - about the importance of the proper routing of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste of Batteries and Accumulators (WBA).

In consecutive operation for 13 years, this campaign is the result of a partnership between ERP Portugal, waste compliance scheme, and the Eco-Schools Program (ABAE) with the aim of stimulating the delivery of these waste to schools and partner entities, ensuring their treatment, decontamination and recycling. In the academic year 2019/2020, the Portuguese schools and entities that participated in this edition of the Depositrão Generation collected around 385 tons of WEEE and 15 tons of WBA, closing the program with the collection of around 400 tons, considering a total of 427 collection points national wide, which translates into the average collection weight equivalent to more than 900 kg.

Filipa Moita, ERP Portugal PR Manager, adds that “These results totally exceeded our expectations because they were very close to the years that we achieved record collection. It is clear that the pandemic, despite bringing constraints to the entire value chain and processes in an initiative of this scope, in no way stopped the exhaustive work and the environmental mission undertaken by all involved. Schools are, in fact, participatory agents and drivers of sustainable behaviors, already rooted in many regions of Portugal. A large number of schools have participated in this challenge for several years, maintaining and reinforcing habits and behaviors. Congratulations!"

The school EB23 Damião de Odemira (district of Beja) was the big winner of this edition, with a total collection of more than 19 tons of waste. The second place was occupied by the Vasco da Gama de Sines School (Setúbal district), a novelty in the national top, with about 14 tons, followed by the Escola Básica de Saboia nº1 (Beja district) which added more than 13 tons, Centro Escolar de Alcobaça, another debut in the national top (district of Leiria), and the EB1 Cabanas de Tavira (district of Faro), both with more than 12 tons.

Regarding the weight collected per student criterion, the following schools are highlighted: Jardim de Infância Casais de São Clemente and EB1 de Lamas (district of Coimbra), EB1 Cabanas de Tavira (district of Faro), Escola Básica de Saboia nº1 (district of Beja) and EB1 Loução-Venade (district of Viana do Castelo), with totals between 190 and 340 kg collected per student.

These schools will be awarded an Orima electric oven, 500 € in Pingo Doce card to be delivered to a social entity and 100 € in Worten products of their choice, and the coordinating teachers of the respective schools will receive a tablet.

Other prizes will also be offered, such as the LG portable projector assigned to Jardim de Infância Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Caminha (district of Viana do Castelo) and EB23 Damião de Odemira (district of Beja), as they were the schools that added more waste in 2 campaign phases.

13th edition of the Depositrão Generation kicks off with a new logo

After 13 years of the Depositrão Generation, the initiative maintains its mission but renews the image with a more current logo, which will be the focus of communication already in this edition of 2020/2021. Filipa Moita reinforces that “this new image illustrates a more mature Depositrão Generation and more aligned with an audience of children and teenagers, starting with the claim that 'We Recycle' in all generations, every day and at all levels of education”.

The collections are already underway and soon will also start the creative activities that this year will have a quizz at the end of each period (December, April and June), whose prize will be a double entry to the Lisbon Oceanarium. Throughout the year, students will also be challenged to build a Traga Pilhas, to design posters on the energy efficiency of equipment and to create a hymn or, in the case of secondary/professional schools and Universities a video to reinforce the importance of selective batteries delivery. Winners in each of these categories will receive Decathlon vouchers worth € 100.

Schools will be awarded by period and at the end of the schoolar year, with several awards, offered by the campaign sponsors, including televisions, air conditioners or refrigerators, lamps and rechargeable batteries.

This ERP Portugal campaign is implemented in partnership with ABAE (European Blue Flag Association), through the Eco-Schools Program, and has the support of the brands Decathlon, LG, Orima, Pingo Doce and Worten.

All the news can be followed at Depositrão Generation website and ERP Portugal's Instagram or Facebook.


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