Worten Transforma

March 15th, 2021

Worten Transforma continues to recycle and donate new equipment to institutions

Program has already donated more than 2 million euros

Worten Transforma is the brand's sustainability program, which, since 2009, combines the environmental component of adequate collection and recycling of electronic waste with the social component of support to numerous national institutions, through the donation of new equipment.

“From March 2020, following the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the brand had to adjust quickly to a new reality, which was also felt in the area of ​​social responsibility. We have therefore extended the spectrum of entities benefiting from Worten Transforma to health and education institutions, because, in fact, they have become even more vulnerable with this whole situation, focusing efforts on supporting the well-being of patients and health professionals. health and reducing the asymmetries that distance learning has aggravated ”, explains Inês Drummond Borges, Marketing Manager at Worten.

Between March and May last year, the Worten Transforma program met the pressing needs of 72 institutions with the donation of 335 new equipment, from tablets to laptops, through desktops, monitors, intercoms, but also microwaves, washing machines and refrigerators. Products that gained an even more significant relevance in times of pandemic, by providing greater well-being and comfort to those who became more fragile with this new context.

In 2020, this Worten environmental and social responsibility program had two communication campaigns: the first in June, which resulted in the collection of 582 tons of WEEE and support for more than 70 institutions, which received nearly 150 new equipment, and the second at the end of the year, in December, which allowed the collection of 619 tons of electronic waste, resulting in a total donation, referring to last year's edition, of 150 000€, in new technological equipment, for hospitals, schools and IPSS from all over the country.

Between 2009 and 2020, the Worten Transforma program has already impacted more than half a million people and invested more than 2 million euros to guarantee them a better quality of life and well-being. “At this point, a smartphone may be the only tool available for remote communication between patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units and their families; having one of the many improvised cups in hospitals equipped, from north to south of the country, can be the difference between a health professional having access to a hot meal or not; and a tablet can allow a family to keep their child abreast of the content provided by their school group, which they would not otherwise follow. ”, recalls Inês Drummond Borges.

To this socio-economic impact, add the environmental factor: since 2009, Worten Transforma has already allowed the collection of 60 922 tons of WEEE, a considerable volume that the brand intends to reinforce in 2021, according to its commitment to have a say in the proper treatment of electronic waste, the waste of which is highly harmful to man and the planet.

Strong partners

Since its inception in 2009, the Worten Transforma program has as partners ERP Portugal, responsible for WEEE management, and ENTRAJUDA's Donated Goods Bank, which confirms the needs of the institutions, ensuring their inclusion in the list of beneficiaries in the different editions of the program.

For Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, “in a particularly challenging year, we are proud that, once again, the Portuguese have responded to the challenge of delivering their waste, with the aim of helping those most in need, at a time when technology has become essential to shorten distances, facilitate communication and minimize the impacts of the pandemic. This campaign, in addition to its social nature, also made it possible to reduce the environmental impacts translated into the recycling of this waste, thus minimizing our ecological footprint and contributing to a more sustainable Planet. Recycling helps transform lives and it is very rewarding for us to be part of initiatives like this.”

Also according to Isabel Jonet, President of ENTRAJUDA, “this Worten initiative, this year aimed at supporting the health and education sectors, has a high impact and combines two aspects that are complemented here: the environmental one, by encouraging the delivery of equipment that is no longer used to be sent for recycling, and social, when distributing appliances, laptops and tablets to entities that need them, but are unable to acquire them. It is an exemplary initiative in terms of sustainability that is renewed annually and of which ENTRAJUDA is proud to be a partner from the beginning. ”

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