ERP Portugal celebrates 16th anniversary with a new comic

May 13th, 2021

WEEE & Company Team gives color to environmental education

WEEE & Company Team gives color to environmental education, promoted by the waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators compliance scheme

ERP Portugal celebrates 16 years in waste management and, above all, of environmental service.

The compliance scheme marks this year with the launch of the comic Equipa dos REEE & Companhia - Missão: Aprender a Transformar o Futuro (WEEE & Company Team - Mission: Learning to Transform the Future) and reinforces the awareness and environmental education work aimed at the youngest, developed in national schools, since 2008. The comics explains in a pedagogical and fun way how to ensure the recycling of electrical and electronic devices, batteries that no longer work, a process for which the participation of all citizens is crucial. With this story, ERP Portugal intends to continue to encourage the sustainability literacy increasing among children, always ambitious environmental ambassadors and excellent influencers of adults behavior.

The comic WEEE & Company Team - Mission: Learning to Transform the Future recovers one of ERP Portugal environmental education tools that dates back to 2008 and that now comes back with new characters, more modern and even more energetic to mobilize the Portuguese for the waste selective delivery. This piece is mainly aimed at schools and / or other environmental education units and will be available free of charge in compliance scheme initiatives, such as Geração Depositrão (Depositrão Generation) campaign.

Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, adds that “this is another year of which we are proud of our work! Despite the difficulties that 2020 brought to all of us, we knew, as a society, to look for more sustainable solutions and behaviors that would help us to follow the right path. For ERP Portugal, it is important to realize that the message reaches people and this new edition of our comic is just a small celebration of this journey that we combine with our goal of educating children and young people for the sustainability and viability of the future of our planet. . We appreciate the efforts of all companies, waste management operators, recyclers, partners and, above all, the Portuguese who have actively participated, delivering their waste to the appropriate places! We are counting on you to celebrate the life of our Planet for many more years!”

ERP Portugal is trusted by more than 800 companies that place electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators on the national market and provides, free of charge, more than 6000 collection points for this waste, all over the country (

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