Worten Transforma

July 10th, 2021

“Transform your old electrical equipment into a big help” is the appeal of the new Worten Transforma campaign

Based on the concept “Things that once helped you can now help others”, Worten once again emphasizes the importance of recycling waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), remembering that, when delivering it to the Worten store of your choice, the customer will also be making a difference and contributing to greater well-being and quality of life for those who need it most. Basically, we will be, together, “transforming old electrical equipment into a great help”.

“It is important for us, as a brand close to the Portuguese, to remember that, together, we can transform the lives of many people, through a very simple gesture, which is to hand over old electrical equipment that we have at home, that are out of order or that we no longer use it, in a Worten store, so that they can be sent correctly for recycling. By recycling this type of waste, we are, of course, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, but, above all, we are continuing a program that every year helps those in need, by donating new equipment, which can be from washing machines, refrigerators to mixers or irons, passing through laptops, tablets or monitors. Whatever the type of product, the objective is to provide an easier and more comfortable day-to-day life for users and staff of the supported institutions”, explains António Fuzeta da Ponte, Worten Brand and Communication Manager.

Every year, Worten Transforma (Worten Transforms) program donates thousands of these equipment – ​​which are new, ready to go – to many dozens of Portuguese institutions, from schools to hospitals, health centers and solidarity and support institutions for the most needy populations. “The Worten Transforma program reflects our concern to reduce the environmental impact of the electrical and electronic equipment that we sell in our stores and on our website and which, at the end of their life cycle, are discarded by the majority of consumers. , be collected and recycled properly so as not to contaminate the environment. To this concern, we add the added value of, with the recycling of this waste, we are able to support all those who ended up becoming even more vulnerable, due to the pandemic context in which we are living”, adds António Fuzeta da Ponte.

Between 2009 and 2020, Worten Transforma has already impacted more than half a million people, with the brand investing more than 2 million euros in the donation of new equipment for the solidarity component of this program. In addition to this socio-economic impact, the environmental factor is added: since 2009, Worten Transforma has already allowed the collection of more than 61 thousand tons of WEEE, a considerable volume that the brand now intends to reinforce in 2021, in line with its commitment to have a say in the proper treatment of electronic waste, whose waste

Strong Partners

Since its inception in 2009, Worten Transforma (Worten Transforms) program has a partnership with ERP Portugal, responsible for managing WEEE, and ENTRAJUDA's Bank of Donated Goods, which confirms the needs of institutions, ensuring their inclusion in the list of beneficiaries in the different editions of the program.

For Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, “the support for this campaign fits naturally into the pillars of ERP Portugal activity, as it is an excellent example of consumer mobilization for recycling cause, combining the social factor which has also been part of our strategy. As in previous years, we have the active participation of consumers, and the consequent increase in the amount of treated and recycled WEEE, avoiding contamination of the Environment and everyone's health. This partnership has excelled, above all, for the transformation of mentalities and behaviors, essential for us to fulfill our global mission of preserving our Planet!”.

“This program mobilizes and calls on each one of us to reduce the environmental impacts of electrical equipment, sending them for recycling. Worten puts its network of stores at the service of the community by creating collection points and with this campaign it goes even further: it also calls for civic, environmental and social awareness, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. For ENTRAJUDA, this is a partnership that has a high social and environmental value and it is a privilege to verify that, despite the conditions of the times we live in, Worten does not give up on assuming its role.”, defends Isabel Jonet, President of ENTRAJUDA.

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