Worten Troca Eficiente

July 10th, 2021

Worten offers direct discounts in more efficient domestic appliances

Buying more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly appliances is becoming easier, especially at Worten, which has just launched its latest Energy Efficiency campaign, which will run until 14 July. Through this campaign, the brand offers a wide range of efficient equipment, in terms of energy consumption, with great discounts and the possibility of payment on credit up to 24 installments, without interest.

“Consumers are aware of the importance of choosing equipment with higher energy efficiency, not only because of the impact that this option has on the environment, but also because this is directly reflected in the electricity bill at the end of the month. Worten, as a close brand that it is, has a duty to contribute to this need and, in this sense, we promote the Energy Efficiency campaign, to give purchase opportunities, at the best prices, to all those who want to renovate some appliance for their home ”, explains António Fuzeta da Ponte, Worten Brand and Communication Manager.

To make the choice easier, Worten stores, including the worten.pt website, have already implemented new energy labels, recently introduced in the national market for a series of products (dish washing machines, washing machines, washing machines and clothes drying, refrigerators, freezers, wine chests and televisions) and which eliminated the “+” classes, giving rise to a scale from A to G. Energy labels are an important tool available to consumers, who they help to understand and compare the efficiency of different equipment, so that they can make a more sustainable choice, in terms of energy consumption, which, in the end, will also allow them to save on their electricity bill.

Worten will also reforest and give awards

In addition to discounts on the purchase of new equipment and savings at the end of the month, this new Worten campaign is associated with the Troca Eficiente (Efficiency Exchange) initiative, through which the brand, in partnership with ERP Portugal and the Municipality of Oliveira do Hospital, continues to promote the reforestation of Oliveira do Hospital, one of the areas most affected by the 2017 fires, which are still very present in the memory of many Portuguese. Until July 14, whoever buys efficient equipment at a Worten store and delivers end-of-life electrical equipment for recycling, Worten is committed to planting a tree in that area, while contributing to the rehabilitation of local biodiversity and also of leisure space and enjoyment of the surrounding nature, essential to promote its preservation (picnic area, garden benches, signs, etc.), destroyed by fires four years ago.

As part of its Energy Efficiency campaign, which is already being communicated on radio, digital, leaflet, point of sale and on worten.pt, Worten is also airing a competition whose prize is a Nissan LEAF electric car. To participate, the customer will have to buy, at a Worten store, a large free-to-install household appliance (washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer) of the Haier, Hisense, Bosch, Siemens and Beko brands, present in the themed brochure. This action is valid only for Worten Resolve card customers and for purchases made until July 14, with a value equal to or greater than €400. More information about this competition here: https://www.worten.pt/campanha/sorteio-carro-eletrico/produtos.

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