Recycle in the right direction

September 22nd, 2021

National campaign to make Portuguese aware

“Reciclar no Sentido Certo” ("Recycle in the right direction") is the national campaign that alerts the Portuguese to the recycling of electrical and electronic waste

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance schemes Electrão, ERP Portugal and E-Cycle joined the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) and the General Directorate of Economic Activities (DGAE) to show the Portuguese the right destination for electrical and electronic devices that no longer work.

Recycle in the right direction” is the motto of the national awareness campaign that will explore the emotional side of the Portuguese, leading them to follow in one only direction – “the right” one.

The campaign will help citizens to understand where to delivery electrical and electronic equipment that can no longer be repaired and have reached their end of life, and will alert people to the importance of their behavior in the recycling process.

Many of this equipment is still discarded by the consumer in the common garbage and ends up in landfills. Others are left to pollute soils and watercourses and the harmful substances end up contaminating the food chain. By "recycling in the right direction" it is possible to avoid the abandonment of WEEE and promote increased recycling rates, ensure the treatment and decontamination of harmful substances and reuse materials, integrating them back into the production cycle and reducing raw virgins extraction.

The campaign will run until October on television, radio, and online channels, including social networks and the website, where it will be possible to find the main concepts associated to WEE Emanagement, calling for the active citizens participation, by delivering their waste to the appropriate locations, consolidated and available on this platform.

According to Inês Santos Costa, Environment Secretary of State, “In 10 years we went from selling 120 million/year of smartphones in the world, to 1500 million. No wonder the WEEE flow is one of the fastest growing. By 2030 it will be 75 million tons, almost like 7500 Eiffel towers. This flow has challenges (hazardous components), opportunities (precious metals) and ambitious collection and recovery targets. But these are goals that countries like Portugal find it difficult to meet. It is within the scope of the WEEE Action Plan that this campaign is included. We do not want to make the citizen action ecologically perfect, but explain where we can make a difference, for our health, our family and the place where we live, even with imperfect actions."

For João Veloso da Silva Torres, Commerce, Services and Consumer Protection Secretary of State, “This campaign is one of the measures of the Action Plan for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, defined by the Government, to correct inefficiencies detected in this waste Integrated Management System. The importance of an efficient management of this waste is not limited to environmental reasons, being very relevant for the economy, given the possibility of maintaining materials in the economic cycle for as long as possible and the creation of companies, income and employment that the treatment activities and recycling enhance. Consumers are a fundamental agent in driving change, and this campaign is expected to have a very positive effect on a more efficient WEEE management. "

Together we promote the circular economy!

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