Worten Transforma collects 445 tons of electronic waste

September 12th, 2021

To help national social institutions

  • The most recent communication campaign of "Worten Transforma" program took place from 1 to 25 July 2021
  • In this context, 445 tons of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) were collected and sent for recycling
  • Collection is due to the delivery, by customers, of this type of waste in a Worten store of their convenience
  • This year alone, more than 3000 tons of WEEE have been collected, which resulted in the donation of 384 new equipment worth €60,000
  • Donations cover hospitals and health centers, schools and other educational and child support institutions and Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS), from north to south of the country
  • Since 2009, "Worten Transforma" has allowed the recycling of more than 64 thousand tons of WEEE and donating 24 thousand new equipment to those who need it most, in a brand investment of over 2 million euros

"Worten Transforma" (Worten Transforms), the well-known Worten environmental and social responsibility program, aired, last July, a communication campaign focused on digital and radio, through which it once again reminded the Portuguese of the  correctly electronic waste recycling importance and how much this gesture can help those who need it most. As part of this campaign, and only in July, the program collected 445 tons of WEEE, which added to the approximately 2700 tons accumulated since the beginning of the year.

“It is very gratifying to realize that the Portuguese are still committed to contributing to this cause, not only when we do these campaigns, but throughout the year. By delivering their old electrical equipment, which is damaged or no longer in use, to a Worten store, customers help us to provide very important support, which is related to the donation of new equipment to institutions across the country." says António Fuzeta da Ponte, Worten Brand and Communication Manager, adding that “refrigerators, microwaves, laptops, televisions, among many other products that we donate, facilitate the daily lives of people who work in these institutions, at the same time they contribute to a greater well-being of users.”

With the help of the Portuguese, who are increasingly aware of the issue of recycling and its impact on the environment, "Worten Transforma", this year, has already addressed the main needs of more than a hundred institutions, donating a total of 384 new equipment worth €60,000.

“The participation of the Portuguese in recycling continues to help transforming lives and bringing technology to many institutions across the country. It is with great pride that ERP Portugal rejoins this initiative, which strongly promotes the selective delivery of electrical and electronic waste, allowing its treatment and recycling, while working on the social pillar of sustainability. We closed the first wave of this edition and we will return at the end of the year to continue to encourage the participation of citizens, key agents who have made this campaign a real success since 2009!”, says Rosa Monforte,  ERP Portugal General Manager, one of "Worten Transforma" partners, responsible for the correct management of WEEE  collected in the brand's stores.

Also according to Isabel Jonet, President of ENTRAJUDA, the entity responsible for identifying the beneficiary institutions of "Worten Transforma", “this is truly a partnership aligned with sustainability and revealing what can be achieved with a well-structured and well communicated proposal. The involvement of all the people who contributed, because they already know the campaign and trust the partners, allows charities to be equipped with new products, contribute to the protection of the environment and to improve social intervention. The real importance given to the subject by Worten is revealed by the duration of the program, proposed for 12 years, in continuous. For ENTRAJUDA, this is a partnership that generates high value and a lot of impact to which we are proud to belong.”

Taking a general balance, "'Worten Transforma' impact on the planet and communities has been enormous, since 2009 it has allowed us to recycle more than 64 thousand tons of WEEE and donate 24 thousand new equipment to those who need it most, in a investment of the brand in excess of 2 million euros”, concludes António Fuzeta da Ponte.

More information at worten.pt.

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