WEEE Open Scope

novembre 29th, 2017

ERP’s review includes status of transposition in each Member State

Our summary for producers outlines the new requirements of WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU which take effect from August 2018.

ERP has produced a summary paper for producers which explains the Open Scope requirements of the WEEE Directive. The document examines:

  • the core questions which establish whether equipment is in scope;
  • the introduction of the six new reporting categories; and
  • includes a table which shows how the different Member States are transposing the Open Scope requirements into national law, highlighting any differences with the Directive.

Read summary here

If you have questions on the topics covered in this summary, especially the different transpositions of the WEEE Directive and the actual status in a specific country, please contact info@erp-recycling.org.

We are closely monitoring developments in Member States and will regularly update this summary document.

Please also visit Position Papers (link below) for all of our latest position and discussion papers on various topics, including the waste framework directive, the circular economy proposal and modulated fees.

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