Last call: Green Alley Award Applications

November 6th, 2023

Applications are open until the 20th of November

Looking for European circular economy startups!

The startups should have the following characteristics:

✔ European circular economy startup ✔ Unique solution in the fields of: recycling, waste prevention and digital circular economy ✔ Not older than 5 years

Winning the Green Alley Award gives you not only the chance of winning €25,000 but also to receive valuable advice from our circular economy experts, connect with like-minded people and attain recognition in the field.

How to impress us? Here are for tips:

1. Customize your pitch: Tailor your pitch for the Green Alley Award!

2. Focus your message: What problem are your customers facing? and what solution do you offer?

3. Use numbers and data: Visualise the key facts and figures and give us clear examples

4. Keep it short and simple: Don´t let your message get lost - keep it short Remember, a well-crafted, concise pitch makes a lasting impression.

Apply here until 20th November 2023!

More info on Green Alley Award website.

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