ERP’s Packaging Scheme

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ERP’s emballageordning

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Based on the amount of packaging that you put on the Danish market and how detailed you want to report, you can choose between 3 packages:


ERP Easy

ERP Circular

Packaging weight per year Up to 200 kg 200 kg – 8 t No limit
Reporting form packaging All total All total Per type of material
Compliance fee per kg1) 0 – 200 kg = 0 dkk 0-200 kg = 0 kr
200 kg – 8 t = Gennemsnitspris
Eco-modulated price
Reporting platform Online web site Online web site Individual agreement
Environmental badge Standard Standard Circular
Authorised representative service for packaging2) Included 1,000 dkk 1,000 dkk
Yearly membership fee ERP

1,900 dkk

incl. up to 200 kg

1,900 dkk

incl. 200 kg

1,900 dkk


1) Compliance fees per kg from July 1st 2025 not decided due to legislation. Expected by end year 2024.
2) Service only relevant for foreign EU/EEA producers without legal entity (CVR-no) in Denmark. Yearly fee.

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