End of the ““Kilowatios de Solidaridad” Campaign

January 30th, 2018

Sponsored by ERP España

Closing Ceremony for the "Kilowatios de Solidaridad" Campaign in Albacete

  • With ERP España sponsorship and the collaboration of the charity Caritas, this campaign was able to successfully recover 150 toys that were handed over last Christmas.

Coinciding with World Environmental Education Day, the closing ceremony of the "Kilowatios de Solidaridad" campaign has taken place in Albacete, organised by the Association of Environmental Managers of Albacete (AGESAM) and sponsored by ERP España.

A hundred secondary school students from the province of Albacete from schools that won the campaign (IES Cristóbal Lozano (Hellin), IES Amparo Sanz (Albacete) and Colegio Santo Ángel (Albacete)) participated in the ceremony. The trophy received was "Reciclo-P", a friendly pet made from recycled material that was invented last year in another campaign organised by AGESAM to commemorate its tenth anniversary.

"Kilowatios de Solidaridad" aimed to raise awareness in society, and in this case among young people, about the importance of day-to-day recycling. Moreover, with the collaboration of Caritas, the campaign has reinvested in disadvantaged children, achieving that a total of 150 toys (after being repaired and recovered) were able to be delivered last Christmas.

A hundred students participated in the ceremony and they, alongside their teachers, received important information about the handling of electronic toys, grouped in the category of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and that include components that require the management of their special recycling. Likewise, they were able to see first-hand the cycle of their toys; from their collection to their recycling, or in cases where it was possible, the reuse that their "second life" has given them.

The president of AGESAM, Eduardo Blanes; the general secretary of FEDA, Vicente García Martínez; the provincial councillor of the Environment and vice-president of the Environment Consortium, María José Vázquez, and Iago García on behalf of ERP España all participated in the ceremony. All of these insisted on the need for raising awareness among young generations about recycling and of giving an environmental education in schools.

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