What we cover


Making the most of your resources – and the resources of the planet

A collaboration with ERP not only makes good sense but can also be good business. We can manage your obligations, ensure you comply, and identify the potential in your business to add value, far beyond compliance. We also create single and local waste management and take-back solutions for producers that want to lead the transition towards a circular economy.

We can assist at every stage in the disposal of three streams of waste under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations worldwide:

  • WEEE – Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Batteries (portable and industrial)
  • Packaging

We handle all the complexities, making things as simple as possible. Our solutions cover all aspects of waste management and recycling, help you meet or surpass national standards and provide the best value for your business needs.

Responsibility across borders

Using our pan-European network of licensed waste carriers and treatment operators and skilled operations team , ERP can arrange for the collection and treatment of WEEE, batteries, and packaging from member sites. These services include bespoke take-back solutions, specialist services such as secure destruction, and consulting services for international compliance in WEEE, batteries, packaging, REACH, and RoHS.

The legislative landscape is changing

Legislation is focusing more and more on the circular economy: Turning waste into resources and keeping these resources in the supply chain. Throughout the years, our compliance solutions ensured that our members’ waste electronics, batteries and packaging could be reused, recycled and recovered. This is how we helped our members to unlock the value of the circular economy.

5 reasons to trust ERP

  1. We take on all compliance obligations, stripping away complexity and increasing efficiency
  2. We’re experienced in collection and treatment services
  3. We offer you timeand resource-saving solutions, including international quotations for multi-country registrations, integrated membership agreements, and multi-country reporting
  4. We provide access to a unique, online data submission system
  5. We keep you up to date on regulatory changes and consultations