ERP participates in “Separar ens uneix”

January 10th, 2018

The new waste awareness campaign sponsored by the Government of the Balearic Islands

ERP participates in “Separar ens uneix”, the new waste awareness campaign sponsored by the Government of the Balearic Islands

  • The campaign includes a website, advertisements and 50 audiovisual microcapsules, presented by Mallorcan actor Toni Gomila.

The Government of the Balearic Islands, through its Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fsheries, has launched “Separar ens uneix (Separating Brings Us Together)”, an awareness campaign created to involve the public in the need to reduce domestic waste, in partnership with ERP along with Ecopiles, Ecoembes and Ecoglass.

The objective is ambitious: to try to change the habits of the Balearic public when it comes to waste and prioritize alternatives like reuse, recycling and separate collection, a challenging task in a community so deeply influenced by tourism.

The campaign consists of three major informative segments with waste as the common thread, and an exceptional master of ceremonies, Mallorcan actor and TV host Toni Gomila. The first segment is a website,, which provides complete information about waste, what to do with it, recycling processes, nearby clean points, etc. This is followed by a complete series of posters and advertisements that have been designed for the different waste categories. Finally, the campaign will launch a total of 50 one-minute audiovisual microcapsules on different issues related to how each specific waste is recycled, five on batteries, and on recycling and the environment in general.

The most ambitious block in terms of the contents of the campaign as a whole are the animated microcapsules, presented by Mallorcan actor Toni Gomila, which address specific issues with each category of waste participating in the campaign, the circular economy in general, and even includes other non-participating waste, such as organic matter, medicine packaging and fluorescent bulbs. The microcapsules will be aired in theaters and on IB3, the Balearic Island’s regional television network.

The European Union has set a target of 50% of waste to be separately collected by 2020. The Government of the Balearic Islands is convinced that this campaign will encourage the public to reduce, reuse and properly separate their waste to make recycling easier. The campaign is also framed by broader environmental awareness issues and the benefits that this awareness and commitment will have for the region’s environment in the medium and long term.

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