Awareness campaign for small appliances recycling in Lanzarote

May 9th, 2018

ERP Spain collaborates, via OfiRAEE, with the Cabildo

Awareness campaign for small appliances recycling in Lanzarote

  • ERP Spain collaborates, via OfiRAEE, with the Cabildo

Businesses and schools have this week got on board with the small household appliances (SHA) recycling campaign which was launched by the Council of Lanzarote (Cabildo de Lanzarote) and Ofiraee, which brings together the eight Integrated Management Systems for waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (SCRAP) that operate on the island, including ERP Spain.

The campaign, which was launched this week, encourages the island's residents to use the SHA recycling collection network, which now has more than 60 collection points in Lanzarote and La Graciosa, and for the first time includes shops from the sector and schools. All of these have boxes/containers, similar to those that are already in place in the Cabildo premises and in the seven municipalities of Lanzarote that also collaborate with the campaign. This network will allow for all this equipment to get to specific Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) plants, in which the most harmful components can be treated correctly, and at the same time much more useful material can be recovered.

The network points are easily identifiable thanks to the website, which includes an interactive map so that they can be located.

The campaign also includes posters and videos promoting recycling and giving information about the danger involved for the environment if the correct handling of this equipment is not taken care of at the end of its useful life. Preventing the danger of some of their components, avoiding them contaminating the sea, land or in a landfill and providing its recycling, as they contain important and necessary materials, are some of the points raised by the campaign, which also reminds the public that a SHA is any electric device with a diameter of less than 30 cm which works by being connected to an electric current or with batteries.

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