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The Pilabot battery-collection competition has launched

  • 150 schools

    are taking part in this campaign run by the Regional Government of Galicia, ERP, Ecopilas and Ecolec

A total of 150 schools in Galicia have signed up for the second edition of the Pilabot competition, organised by the Regional Government of Galicia in conjunction with ERP, Ecopilas and Ecolec. The scheme aims to encourage the selective collection of portable batteries among primary and secondary school pupils within the autonomous community. The challenge is to beat the 44 tonnes collected last year.

The competition, which runs until 21 March, will distribute prizes worth a total of 7,500 euros among participating schools. “At ERP, we view initiatives like this that involve young children very positively, because kids are the best ambassadors when it comes to telling their families about the importance of using the appropriate channels to properly manage this waste that is used so common in households,” explains Laura Alonso, general manager of European Recycling Platform (ERP) Spain.