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ERP Spain promotes battery recycling with sponsorship of the Des Güell a Lluc a Peu walk in Mallorca

  • The Regional Ministry of the Environment distributed microcontainers for batteries and aluminium bottles to the participants

ERP Spain has once again renewed its sponsorship of the ‘des Güell a Lluc a Peu’ walk in Mallorca. This collaboration with the Regional Ministry of the Environment of the Balearic Islands, ERP has made 10,000 aluminium water bottles and mini cardboard containers to promote recycling of used batteries in Mallorca.

This action was made possible thanks to the collaboration between ERP and the Regional Ministry. Under the slogan Andamos y reutilizamos “we walk and we reuse”, the campaign raised awareness among the participants in this popular walk in Mallorca of recycling and responsible behaviour.

At the start of the walk, participants were provided with microcontainers and information relating to the importance of recycling and separation of used batteries and accumulators when it comes to getting rid of this waste from our homes. What’s more, easily reusable aluminium bottles will be distributed at hydration points that can be filled at the drinking fountains located along the route.