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ERP collaborates on new edition of the O que se enchufa, recíclase campaign

  • Run by the Regional Government of Galicia in collaboration with the PROs

The Regional Government of Galicia has launched the information campaign under the slogan O que se enchufa, recíclase (Recycle anything with a plug) once again this year in collaboration with ERP and other Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes (EPR organizations). With this action, the Galician Regional Ministry of the Environment, Territory and Housing aims to give “infinite life” to these materials.

The aim of this edition is to exceed the current WEEE recycling rate in Galicia, which stands at 5 kilos per capita per year. The Campaign also collaborates with the National Domestic Appliances Association (ADEN) as well as a number of large retail outlets.

The campaign reminds the public that when the buy one of these devices, whether online or in-store, the user has the right to collection of their old devices, even without the need to but a new one in the case of very small WEEE, provided that retail outlets have more than 400m² of floor space dedicated to the sale of electrical and electronic equipment.

WEEE can also be deposited at municipal Civic Amenities at any time. This means it will be possible to give much longer lives to the materials used in these devices.