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CirculArt Virtual Exhibition: fifty artists demonstrate the impact of our waste

  • Organised by ERP, it is accessible until 31 December

Fifty works by Spanish artists created to raise awareness in society of the impact of waste and of how a more sustainable future is possible, ware on display until 31 December as part of the CirculArt virtual exhibition organised by European Recycling Platform in collaboration with Amiab.

The exhibition, accessible from any electronic device with an internet connection, allows visitors to walk through the exhibition and observe the works in detail including the winners of the contest and which encompass disciplines as varied as sculpture, photography, painting and collage.

By selecting each individual pieces and clicking on the information and view icons, visitors can access a complete explanation of the techniques used and the awareness message each artist is looking to express.

“This virtual exhibition allows us to reach all those who are interested but could not attend the physical exhibition in Madrid. What’s more, it’s an excellent activity to enjoy comfortably at home, something particularly valuable at the present time with the pandemic,” explains Laura Alonso, CEO of ERP Spain.

She add that “we want everyone who visits the exhibition to enjoy it as much as we have organising it and, of course, we hope it serves for them to think about what we can do at an individual level to reduce our impact on the environment on a social and environmental scale.