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Eight Spanish circular economy projects compete for the Green Alley Award

  • Spain is the country with the fourth highest number of submissions to the contest

A total of eight Spanish projects focussed on the circular economy will fight it out this year for the Green Alley Award, run by Landbell Group and its subsidiaries, including European Recycling Platform (ERP). The award comes with a cash prize of €25,000 for the winner, selected from among the participating innovative European startup services and projects.

This year a total of 177 projects were submitted, from 25 countries. With 8 projects submitted, Spain sits fourth in the table of countries with the highest number of projects in the competition, behind Germany (62), Italy (24) and United Kingdom (21).

Half the projects presented from Spain put forward business ideas based on recycling, while 37.5% present digital solutions for the circular economy and the remaining 12.5% is focussed on prevention of the generation of waste.