Today we celebrate the International e-Waste Day!

October 14th, 2022

“Recycle it all, no matter how small”

“Recycle it all, no matter how small” is the motto of this year and aims to highlight the importance of everyone’s participation in the WEEE management and recycling.

Data from the European Parliament show that most electronic and electrical waste collected in the European Union are large household appliances (52.7%) and that small household appliances (such as vacuum cleaners or toasters) account for 10.1%. Eurostat's 2020 data also show that less than 40% of all e-Waste is recycled in the EU, which reflects that there is still lots of work to do by all of us as citizens or companies.

The right to repair is one of the measures proposed by the European Commission to stimulate the circular economy as it allows to extend electronics’ life cycle. Other measures such as the introduction of a common electrical charger and a system to encourage the reuse and recycling of electrical equipment are also in the agenda for 2022.

Regarding the United Nations Organization, until the end of this year 24,5 million of small old devices will be generated, which is equivalent to four times the weight of the Giza Pyramid!

Currently, around 16 thousand million mobile phones are being used worldwide and 5,3 million will become waste by the end of this year, but only a part of it will be recycled.

The recycling of electronic waste not only saves valuable natural resources, but also reduces the environmental harm of e-waste and supports our transition from a linear to a circular economy. Several materials that result from this process can be used in new products, avoiding virgin resources extraction.

Operating 32 producer responsibility organisations for WEEE, batteries and packaging, ERP has contributed to the circular economy for over 20 years!

Watch this video and check the meaning of collecting and recycling 4 million tonnes of WEEE.

Congratulations to all ERP countries (ERP PortugalERP Italia ServiziERP UK LtdERP EspañaEuropean Recycling Platform IrelandEuropean Recycling Platform (ERP) GermanyEuropean Recycling Platform (ERP POLSKA)European Recycling Platform - DenmarkEuropean Recycling Platform AustriaERP NorwayERP FinlandSEWA) and Landbell Group!

Join us and play your part!