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The European Recycling Platform (ERP) is the first compliance scheme authorised to operate in different countries since 2002, in response to the first European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

Our mission is to help members manage their responsibilities efficiently and globally with regard to WEEE, batteries, and packaging recycling – all supported by our unique data services.

We were created by producers for producers, and we aim to provide our members with high-quality compliance at the best possible price and simplify the complexities of compliance, reporting and waste management.

In June 2014, ERP joined Landbell Group, a global platform for extended producer responsibility. ERP and Landbell Group have collected more than 6 million tonnes of packaging, more than 4 million tonnes of e-waste, and over 90,000 tonnes of portable batteries.

European Recycling Platform Ireland DAC was established in 2005 because of the success and expansion of ERP across Europe. It is Ireland’s only pan-European compliance scheme, providing WEEE and Waste Battery compliance and a B2B service to members.

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Legislation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, the recycling of batteries and the handling of used packaging throughout Europe requires innovative solutions and a partner with an international outlook.

About ERP Ireland

ERP offers a complete recycling platform in Ireland

  • WEEE compliance
  • Battery compliance
  • B2B service

About ERP

European specialist in waste recycling

Throughout the years, ERP has gained valuable experience in each country and we currently form the largest worldwide network of experts in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance and collection.

About ERP

More than 38,600 members across 62 countries trust ERP

Since 2014, ERP has been a part of Landbell Group and is able to offer more than waste management compliance services – for instance environmental and chemical compliance.


Environmental impact across borders
Waste collected by ERP

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10 million tonnes of WEEE and packaging

Icon impact batteries

Over 40,000 tonnes of batteries

Dedicated experts in 15 countries

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35 takeback schemes

38,600 members across 62 countries trust ERP



ERP always provide a competitive offer with high delivery of services

Ramon Teixido
Transformation Strategist, HP Inc.

In addition to meeting our legal requirements, joining ERP has helped us to demonstrate our commitment to our corporate social responsibility programme.

Thomas Lee
Head of After Sales, Electrolux

ERP provides a cost-effective and tailored service to fit our needs.

Chris Hall
Head of Quality Assurance & Product Compliance, Halfords

ERP provides a cost-effective solution for our needs, with helpful customer service only a call away.

Peter Maxwell
Trade Marketing Manager, AFH, Georgia Pacific Ireland

Being a member of ERP allows Currys Ireland to feel confident that all of our WEEE and Battery obligations are fully compliant, whilst both environmentally responsible and cost effective for us as a large Producer and Retailer.

Christopher Brown
Senior Sustainability Operations & Compliance Manager Supply Chain & Operations - UK & Ireland Currys

The Batteries for Barretstown battery recycling campaign has been a very exciting project for us, and we are thrilled to be involved in helping to motivate people to become more environmentally aware and to change their battery recycling habits

Dee Ahearn
CEO, Barretstown

The HSE has been actively moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious model. We are delighted to support ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ and have rolled out the battery collection programme across several of our acute hospitals and are looking to extend this into the New Year. Our transition to a circular economy and its associated behavioural change will require assistance and collaboration with many people and organisations.

Stephen Murphy
Sustainable Development Project Manager, HSE