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Why we need to recycle?

As consumers buy more and more products, product lifecycles consistently decrease. This increases waste volume, such as discarded packaging, batteries, and disused devices. Simple solutions can relieve the pressure.

Effective recycling solutions benefit people, businesses, and the environment. And they are needed more than ever at a time when waste volumes are increasing and efficient ways must be found to recycle electronic devices, batteries, bottles, paper metal, glass, packaging, and more.

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Where can I recycle?


Recycle your household waste electrical items for free at your local recycling centre or at your local electrical retailer on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis, instore or upon delivery, free of charge.

The retailers, Currys, DID, Euronics, Expert, Harvey Norman, Power City and Soundstore offer free recycling of all household e-waste instore with no purchase required, as part of the ‘We’ll Take It Back’ Programme.


Recycle your used batteries at your local newsagent, supermarket or recycling centre, free of charge!

MyWaste.ie is Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste. Here you can find an interactive map which will show your nearest local recycling centre and authorised collection point for WEEE and battery recycling


What happens to your waste?

We believe recycling should be simple.

However, with so many types of products and materials, and multiple packaging symbols, it’s not always easy to distinguish what is recyclable from what isn’t.

To help simplify things, we’ve assembled an interactive guide of what you can and can’t recycle, with some general information about what happens during recycling and what can be reused.

Learn about the recycling process by selecting the icons below.