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WEEE producers are divided into 2 categories, B2B & B2C:

B2B producers (Business-to-Business) are producers that supply electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) that is for professional use only (that is, one business supplying EEE for use by another business). B2B products are not typically used in the home. B2B EEE includes computer servers, catering equipment, medical devices, laboratory equipment and vending machines. B2B producers can self-comply in Ireland and report on their own systems to manage WEEE for recovery including their in-house repair and reuse solutions. Producers have 65% WEEE collection target and 65-85% recovery target.

B2C producers (business-to-consumer) are producers that supply the kind of EEE that is typically used in the home. These include mobile phones, hair straighteners, fridges, cookers, laptops, printers and toys.  B2C EEE can be supplied to household users either directly by the producer (for example, by online sales) or through distributors (such as retailers).

Note: If you are selling both B2B and B2C type EEE, then you are a dual producer – a B2B and a B2C producer. Compliance for B2C producers is available through our WEEE Compliance Scheme. B2B Producers must self-comply. If you are placing EEE on the Irish market and the EEE contains batteries, then you are an EEE producer and a battery producer. You must meet the obligations that apply both to an EEE producers and a battery producer.

Complying with the Regulations:

All EEE sold in Ireland eventually becomes waste (that is, WEEE). WEEE needs to be managed legally and safely. The WEEE Regulations require EEE producers to take responsibility for the management of their WEEE.  All producers of WEEE must:

  • Register annually with the Producer Register Limited (PRL) by 31st January
  • Report monthly to the PRL Blackbox the types and quantities of EEE placed on the market
  • Finance the environmentally sound management of WEEE
  • Ensure that the EEE which is being placed on the market in Ireland complies with the requirements of the ROHS regulations

B2B Producers must also:

  • Report monthly to the PRL Blackbox the types and quantities of EEE placed on the market
  • Must arrange for collection, transport and treatment of their B2B WEEE
  • Submit a Waste Management Plan to the EPA via the EDEN Portal
  • Inform users of their products that they will take their products back at end of life, e.g. WEEE
  • Arrange for all WEEE to be treated as per the Regulations
  • Report the management of all WEEE to the EPA by Jan 31st every year

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