Green Alley Award 2016 – connecting green ideas

April 28th, 2016

Berlin, London and Helsinki

We're calling upon young entrepreneurs with green business ideas to apply for our competition. Our aim is to find innovative ideas addressing circular economy related topics such as resource preservation and waste reduction. Apply until the 27th July 2016.

We're calling upon young entrepreneurs with green business ideas to apply for our competition. Our aim is to find innovative ideas addressing circular economy related topics such as resource preservation and waste reduction. Apply until the 27th of July 2016.

ERP Finland is the official partner of the Green Alley Award 2016, Europe’s first start-up competition addressing circular economy related topics! We are excited about the cooperation with the Berlin based company Green Alley which has been hosting the start-up competition since 2014. Together with Germany’s crowdfunding pioneer Seedmatch and the London Accelerator-programme Bethnal Green Ventures, we search for the most innovative business ideas moving towards a circular economy. Until the 27th of July 2016, we are calling upon young start-ups and entrepreneurs to apply for the European Green Alley Award – looking for creative new ideas contributing to reaching the goal of a circular economy

The requirement for a successful participation at the Green Alley Award is the following: the business model of the start-up should relate to resource preservation and waste streams; whether it is through awareness campaigns, new technologies or services in this area.

  • reducing, reusing or recycling of waste, product packaging, WEEE, batteries, photovoltaics, plastic etc.
  • replacing non-renewable resources with alternatives such as fully recyclable materials
  • repairing, refurbishing of products or extending their life cycle
  • improving recyclability of products and materials
  • improving product design with the focus on the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle
  • closing the materials loop through recycling and refurbishing
  • raising awareness of recycling and sustainability through new services, products or technologies
  • strengthening producer responsibility and compliance with European waste regulations

Last year’s Green Alley Award showed us how lively the start-up hubs Berlin and London are. This year, it is ERP Finland’s turn to show that Helsinki and the North have a vibrant start up scene as well. The environmental awareness among Finnish consumers is on very high level and the recovery of electronic waste among the other waste streams is developing strongly in Finland thus laying the foundation for a sustainable circular economy. Olli Alanen, country manager of ERP Finland says: “In addition to London and Berlin, Helsinki can be seen as a city shaped by its fresh and youthful start-up scene. Old ways of thinking are deliberately challenged here and there is no hesitation to go for new approaches. We at ERP have a firm belief that the whole industry, as well as our clients, will benefit from the innovational power of green start-ups.”

Together with an international committee, ERP Finland will review and assess all of the applications and finally nominate the finalists of the Green Alley Award 2016. Six finalists will be invited to a one-day event in Berlin where they will also shape their business models in dedicated workshops and being supported by distinct experts. In order to facilitate this international experts and start-ups will be invited – all being well-experienced in circular economy related topics.

Moreover, the event provides all final start-ups with the unique chance to extend their network by valuable contacts. “It would be our pleasure if our award would serve as a cradle for a fruitful cooperation between start-ups and experts. Old Economy meets New Economy – experience should be shared and new business models should be evaluated regarding their market entry on a European level.” says Olli Alanen.

Following to the workshops and expert talks, all six finalists will have 5 minutes to pitch the idea behind their green start-up in front of an international jury and an audience consisting of representatives from press, start-ups and businesses. Who will be most convincing will win the Green Alley Award 2016. The award is not only a formal recognition but also includes a package of cash and services worth up to 30,000 Euro. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to participate in an accelerator-programme, to get access to an investor or to a crowd funding campaign. Also, it’s worth mentioning, that the winner gets sponsored six months of free access to the Green Alley co-working space in Berlin.

Find more information about the award on the Green Alley award website.

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