New Video: Flossie the Beach Cleaner talks about the circular economy

October 11th, 2022

This international e-waste day, ERP has teamed up with three generations of recyclers to raise awareness…

To spread the message about making the circular economy a reality this international e-waste day, ERP Ireland has teamed up with three generations of recyclers to help raise awareness around the role we all play to repair, reuse, and recycle electrical items.

Flossie the Beach Cleaner, her mother – Harriet Donnelly, and her grandmother – Jennie Flory have participated in an ERP video to remind people about the importance of recycling e-waste - one of the fastest growing waste streams globally - and the fact that everyone has a role to play recycling unused electronic items in their homes.

ERP is delighted to support Flossie and the Beach Cleaners vision of sustainability as they drive home the importance of recycling in a circular economy.  The recycling of electronic waste not only saves valuable natural resources, but also reduces the environmental harm of e-waste and supports our transition from a linear to a circular economy. Watch our video for more!

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