Batteries and Accumulators Producer and Distributors obligations

What the Batteries and Accumulators Producer have to do?

Producers of batteries under Legislative Decree No. 188/2008, changed with Legislative Decree No. 118/2020 must:

  • Organise and finance WBA collection, treatment and recycling;
  • Register with the National Register of Batteries and Accumulators producers;
  • Annually report to the National Register the quantities of batteries and accumulators placed on the national market in the previous year;
  • Mark the batteries and accumulators with the symbol indicating separate collection for all batteries and accumulators shall be the crossed-out wheeled bin;
  • Include the information on the type of incorporated BA in the instructions for use of the equipment, the methods for its removal and correct disposal, the environmental and health impact and the penalties for illegal disposal.

What the Batteries and Accumulators Distributor have to do?

  • Register with the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CDCNPA);
  • Register all the points of sale where they collect the portable batteries and accumulators waste – tutte le sedi (Punti di Vendita – PdV) ove sono raccolte le pile e gli accumulatori portatili;
  • Make containers available for the collection of waste batteries and accumulators at their point of sale;
  • Display, within your own exercise (collection point) or on the website, a suitable poster that informs public about the possibility of giving these products free of charge;
  • Formare gli addetti al Punto vendita. Training the staff of the points of sale.

ERP Italia provides distributors with all the necessary support to manage all the activities necessary for the correct collection for recycling of batteries at points of sale and for registration in the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CDCNPA).