EEE Distributor

  • EEE distributor: any natural or legal person listed in the Companies’ Register under Law of December 29th, 1993, no. 580 and following adaptations, who, operating in the supply chain, makes an EEE available on the Italian market. This definition does not prevent a distributor from being, at the same time, a producer.
  • EEE retailer: any natural or legal person as defined under letter h), delivering an EEE to the final customer.

Batteries and Accumulators Distributor

Distributor: any person that provides batteries and accumulators on a professional basis to an end-user.

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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Waste Batteries and Accumulators


In Italy, the regulations are:

  • Legislative Decree No. 49/2014 for the EEE and WEEE
  • Legislative Decree No. 188/2008 for batteries and accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA)

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Companies that place Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Batteries and Accumulators on the market are required to comply with certain obligations deriving from the relevant regulations.


Companies that do not comply with WEEE and RPA regulations may face penalties for non-compliance with their obligations.