EEE Producer and Distributors obligations

What the EEE Producer have to do?

EEE Producers under Legislative Decree No. 49/14, changed with Legislative Decree No. 118/2020 must:

  • Comply with WEEE legislation;
  • Organise and finance WEEE collection, treatment and recycling;
  • Register with the National Register of EEE producers;
  • Annually notify the National Register of the quantities and categories of EEE placed on the market in the previous year, as well as those collected, reused, recycled and recovered;
  • Mark the EEE with the symbol indicating separate collection of electrical and electronic equipment consist of the crossed-out wheeled bin
  • ed il marchio del Produttore a norma UNI
  • Insert adequate information regarding proper WEEE disposal within the instructions for the use of EEE detailing the environmental and health impact, and the penalties for any illegal disposal.

Producers, or third parties acting on their behalf (who must also comply with the regulations) may choose to fulfil the obligations imposed by joining one of the National Compliance schemes, WEEE Consortia.

What the EEE Distributor have to do?

EEE Distributors must:

  • Register on the Albo Nazionale dei Gestori Ambientali in the 3bis category;
  • Display, within your own exercise (collection point) or on the website, a suitable poster that informs public about the possibility of giving these products free of charge;
  • Dealing with the preliminary deposit of WEEE and the transport of the same, except in the case in which the transport is entrusted to third parties;
  • Report the amount of waste managed to the WEEE Coordination Centre;
  • Respect the temporal and traceability obligations;
  • Contribute to the achievement of the WEEE separate waste collection targets as established by Legislative Decree 49/2014.

ERP Italia provides distributors with all the necessary support to manage all the activities necessary for the correct collection for recycling of EEE at points of sale.

WEEE regulations are complex. The continuous evolution of policies involves the sometimes yearly modification of the rules, making it difficult to calculate the eco-contribution that supports the collection funding.

For companies that export their products or distribute in other European countries, these difficulties multiply.

ERP ITALIA supports producers with legal management and compliance with WEEE regulations.