Recycling – the recovery of materials from waste

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Consorzio ERP Italia makes recycling its mission to support the principle of Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility.

Since its foundation in 2002, ERP (European Recycling Platform) achieved an important milestone by collecting and processing more than 4 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) across Europe. This was equivalent to the amount of WEEE generated by the whole European Union in a year. Recycling WEEE is not just about saving precious natural resources, it contributes to improving the environment and human health.

Collection data

As consumers buy increasingly more products (such as electronic devices), product life cycles are constantly decreasing. This increases the volume of waste, such as discarded packaging, batteries and devices.

Why it’s important to recycle and what happens to your waste

Find out what can be recovered and what are the benefits of correct recycling of WEEE and Waste Batteries and Accumulators

Where to recycle

Find out where to properly recycle WEEE and Waste Batteries and Accumulators