WEEE and Batteries compliance services

What services does the Consorzio ERP Italia offer?

Consorzio ERP Italia offers the following services:

  • Registration to the National Registers of Producers/Importers;
  • Analysis of EEE and/or WBA legislative obligations;
  • Local Authorized Representative for foreign companies;
  • Regulations and other applicable laws on WEEE and/or WBA compliance services;
  • Compliance services for distributors’ obligations (1vs1 and 1vs0);
  • Waste management where regulatory fulfilment can be delegated to the Scheme by the Producer/Importer;
  • Report to the relevant Authorities of data and information on the Producer/Importer’s obligations;
  • Compilation and submission of all declarations, registration applications and prescribed forms;
  • Scheme activity record keeping;
  • Sending the data related to the collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE and/or WBA;
  • Operational consulting and training.

Through a team of experts, it provides support in the following fields:

  • Open Scope – EEE analysis from 2018;
  • proper waste management (organisation, logistics, documentation compliance with regulations);
  • optimisation and economies of scale in the correct management of waste;
  • verification of regulatory compliance in countries where ERP is present;
  • comparative studies on regulatory impacts in EU countries and countries where ERP is present;
  • product life cycle analysis;
  • minimum environmental criteria.