Who are we

WEEE, Batteries and Accumulator Collective Scheme

Consorzio ERP Italia is a non-profit compliance scheme which carries out Producers’ legal obligations for the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Batteries and Accumulators for recycling.

ERP Italia is one of the leading non-profit WEEE Consortia and operates under the European Directive 2012/19/EU which was implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree No. 49/2014 for EEE and Legislative Decree 188/2008 for Batteries and Accumulators.

Our activity optimises the collection, recovery and recycling of waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), Batteries, Accumulators and photovoltaic panels to bring practical environmental benefits and financial sustainability by following and implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility and Circular Economy principle.

Coordination Centre

ERP Italia is the founder of the WEEE Coordination Centre (CDCRAEE) and the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CDCNPA) and is recognised as an authoritative, efficient and reliable organisation to simplify the management of its members’ regulatory compliance and contributions.

ERP recipients

Companies that produce or import equipment and products such as –

electrical or IT products, PCs, computers, printers, large and small household appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer equipment and air conditioners, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, toys and leisure and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring and control instruments, vending machines, batteries and accumulators, and photovoltaic panels

– can use an international compliance scheme for the collection and recycling of B2C and B2B WEEE in Italy and abroad and to comply with regulatory obligations in the various countries in which they are present, using a single operator.

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Landbell Group

An international compliance scheme

ERP Italia is part of Landbell Group, a leader in the management of regulatory requirements for the collection and recycling of WEEE, Batteries and Packaging and for chemical and environmental compliance.
With 41 compliance schemes in 18 countries in Europe and worldwide and customers spread over 63 countries, Landbell Group is the ideal organisation for companies operating in different countries. The Group helps companies comply with current Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations.

International Services

ERP is a single operator in the management of compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility requirements:

  • B2C and B2B WEEE
  • Portable batteries and accumulators
  • Industrial accumulators
  • Batteries and accumulators for vehicles
  • Packaging

ERP is the first and only pan-European organisation operating in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

By giving benefits of multinational recycling operations to customers, ERP has proven to be the most competitive solution for companies in the countries in which it operates for the compliance of WEEE, batteries and packaging, and for collection services.

Values and Quality

We have created a solid and ethical company, strongly committed to quality.

We follow this principle throughout all our internal and external activities and focus our attention on the continuous improvement and development of ERP’s internationally recognised environmental excellence.