Financing model for Batteries and Accumulators

Financing model for Portable Batteries and Accumulators

Legislative Decree 188/08, recently amended by Legislative Decree 118/2020, establishes the obligation for manufacturers of portable batteries and accumulators to organize and finance WPS collection, treatment and recycling operations.

This on the basis of the Extended Producer Responsibility Principle and in order to achieve the minimum collection and recycling objectives, imposed by the European Union and implement the so-called Circular economy.

Regarding the WBA collection, the contribution due is internalised in the product sale price.


Thanks to the knowledge gained over the years, we can guarantee economically sustainable fees for EEE and WBA Producers and provide all the necessary support to regularize their position and prevent them from incurring fines.

Our fees are competitive thanks to continuous optimisations in the supply chain and organisation, which allows us to generate economies of scale.
Consorzio ERP Italia has always paid attention to its structural costs so that the mark-up in tariffs has the least impact on the producers who rely on us.