The actives agreements of Consortium ERP Italia

August 6th, 2018

Thanks to the agreements stipulated by Consortium ERP Italia with the main Italian Associations and Federations representing the producers of Electrical and Electronical Equipment, over 10.000 companies can benefit from a single and authoritative operator in Italy and in Europe, according to their needs, to face to the obligations established by the European Directive 2012/19 / EU starting from August 15th 2018.

The Associations and Federations that stipulated the agreement with Consortium ERP Italia are:

  • AICE Associazione Italia Commercio Estero
  • ANIMA and all the associations of Federation
  • Confindustria Alto Milanese
  • Confindustria Bergamo
  • FederlegnoArredo and all the associations of Federation
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE and all the associations of the Union

Companies interested by the regulation, can fulfill correctly through the support of ERP Italia, as an international collective system that handles the compliance obligations of the WEEE, RPA and packaging waste regulations on behalf of the producers.

Compliance with these rules is crucial for the fundamental principle on which the legislator has based the regulatory framework, ie the EPR, the Extended Responsibility of the Producer which establishes compliance with all stages of the production chain from the design of the AEE to its correct and sustainable end of life.

The importance of these agreements allows the producers to deal with this complex issue in a simple way to take advantage of concrete advantages from an economic and operational point of view.

If you want to know more about the agreements, contact us.

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