Consortium ERP Italia published the english version of its website

September 5th, 2018

Starting from today the English version of the website representing the ERP Italia Consortium is online,

The English version was created with the aim of making available all that matters in different countries and exported their products to the Italian territory, the Italian legislation and the services offered by the Consortium in the field of technological waste of AEE Electric Equipment and Electronics, Batteries and Accumulators.

The portal is oriented to the maximum usability and clarity of the contents, which is a very specific subject on the Italian market.

The site is constantly evolving and is constantly updated in both versions.

The ERP Italia website, therefore, presents itself as one of the main sources of economic, economic and control information on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and RPA (Waste from Batteries and Accumulators).

The site is divided into 9 sections to cover both outside and in respect of services offered.

Furthermore there is documentation on the Open Scope WEEE.

The implementation is a European restyling project that envisages a new site and a site for each country in which the group is present, with the aim of strengthening its coordinated image on the web at an international level; it is possible to reach the site relative to other nations.

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