Engineering Plastic: a Growing Recycling Urgency

May 17th, 2019

In 2020 Europe will generate an additional 46% of plastic waste coming from the electrical and electronic (E&E) sector in comparison to the year 2000. Engineering plastics today are the third most widely used material, extensively employed as a lighter, more durable and with a better environmental performance material. The engineering plastics production will continue to grow very fast.

Soon, Europe will be facing a growing amount of waste. Recycling rates remain low, in 2017 only the 10% of waste was destined for recycling at specialized European facilities (300.000 tonnes out of 3.000.000).

This shows the urgency needed to overhaul the obsolete waste management practices and to implement collection system as well as additional sorting infrastructure. A consistent and stable legislative framework is also a prerequisite to boost investors’ confidence. EU wide certification for recycling facilities would ensure waste traceability and guarantee the highest standards to which a recycler must operate. The quality of the output material of a facility is key to its viability and success.

The advancing in the recycling of technical plastic parts will depend equally on the strengthened collaboration and coordination of the actions of the electronic appliances’ manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, sorting centres, waste managements and recyclers, which is a must.


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