Exhausted portable batteries and accumulators: goal achieved

July 1st, 2019

In the first six months of 2019, the ERP Italia Consortium collected more than 1,400 tons of spent portable batteries and accumulators, confirming its position as sector leader and trusted partner of the main manufacturing companies.

Milan, 1 July 2019ERP Italia Consortium, one of the main not-for-profit Collective Systems engaged across national territory in the lawful management of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and WBA (Waste Batteries and Accumulators), has confirmed its position as the leader in the portable batteries and accumulators sector, exceeding the mandatory target imposed by the EU that lays down the collection and/or disposal of at least 45% of the products released on the market.

In six months, the ERP Italia Consortium collected 1,464,357 kg of portable batteries and accumulators, that is, 47% of the quantities put on the market in the same period by the portable batteries and accumulators members of the Consortium. An even more significant result when it is considered that the ERP Italia Consortium is constantly committed to seeking continuous efficiency and offering very competitive rates with regards to the collection rate.

In accordance with EU legislation, manufacturers of portable batteries and accumulators must ensure that at least 45% of the products they release on the market are recovered and disposed of, on pain of breaching the regulations and incurring penalties. It therefore becomes essential for them to choose a safe and reliable partner that can guarantee effective collection in such a way as to promote the sector's circular economy by disposing of spent batteries correctly and thereby avoiding their dispersal in the environment.

“WBA collection is very complex due to the nature, size and widespread distribution of spent batteries,” says Alberto Canni Ferrari, Country General Manager of the ERP Italia Consortium. “Thanks to our specific organisational structure, which is derived from our international network, the ERP Italia Consortium is able to operate with a dense logistics network of operators, obtaining excellent results and ensuring high competitive rates from the point of view of the collection rate/price ratio, ensuring our associates are fully in compliance with their obligations under the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility”).

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