Battery take-back in Germany: ERP will continue to cover all collection points

October 28th, 2019

The German government is working on a recast of the Battery Law in an attempt to remedy shortcomings in the country’s collection system for waste batteries. Landbell Group company, ERP Germany, is closely engaged in the recast process. ERP Germany is aiming for a pragmatic solution that will ensure continued and nationwide collections of available waste batteries, while assuring a level playing field.

The main trigger for the changes to the law are the current financial troubles of Stiftung GRS, the only scheme among Germany’s five take-back schemes that has a special role defined in the current law granting it special rights - and also duties. ERP Germany acknowledges the challenges faced by Stiftung GRS, but warns against any legislative action that would lead to artificial support for Stiftung GRS at the expense of the other four schemes, as this would distort competition and the overall system.

Despite the uncertainties in the market, ERP Germany does not foresee any negative impact on the collection of waste batteries and it will continue to cover all its collection points and ensure proper take-back and treatment of waste batteries. ERP Germany is also prepared to take over some of the collection points covered by Stiftung GRS, even at short notice, to ensure immediate and effective balancing of costs.

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