EU publishes its new Circular Economy Action Plan

February 27th, 2020

The European Union has published a new Circular Economy Action Plan to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The roadmap points to the fact that only 12% of materials used in Europe come from recycled sources, which leaves considerable room for improvement.

Landbell Group company, European Recycling Platform (ERP), provided feedback to the stakeholder consultation on the action plan, drawing on its long-standing experience as a pan-European producer responsibility organisation for electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, and packaging. ERP’s feedback makes clear the need to foster a well-functioning, integrated internal market for secondary raw materials, which will only flourish with a standardised system of quality assurance.

As feedback on the action plan from far over 300 stakeholders is carefully pored over, the European Commission is working on a consolidated version to be published on March 4th, together with the Industrial Strategy which will be followed by a stakeholders' conference around May/June.

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