EU publishes national WEEE collection results for 2017

March 26th, 2020

Despite increasing public awareness, little progress seems to have been made in terms of collecting used electronic equipment in Europe. The latest collection volumes published by Eurostat show that all EU countries have either reached or just missed the collection targets. While that sounds promising, it must be viewed against the backdrop of increasing sales figures and the new collection target of 65% which is applicable from 2019.

Not all news was negative though: Estonia, Croatia and Bulgaria recorded collection figures of approximately 80%, well above the EU average of 48%. But, ultimately, progress in individual countries will do little good if it cannot be emulated on a larger scale.

Landbell Group believes that the following are key to achieving higher collection targets: changing consumer behaviour; ensuring all WEEE is captured via the official routes which report towards the collection targets; or including WEEE flows from outside producer responsibility schemes.

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