Interview with Alberto Canni Ferrari in Italia Oggi

March 9th, 2020

On 8th February 2020, Alberto Canni Ferrari, who heads up Landbell Group’s partner in Italy, Consorzio ERP Italia, appeared in an interview in the daily newspaper, Italia Oggi. In the interview, Mr Canni Ferrari emphasised the importance of developing the correct recycling culture to recover precious materials from WEEE.

Mr Canni Ferrari also proposed that countries like Italy, which have a scarcity of raw materials, could look to exploit urban mines: “Urban mines contain enormous quantities of WEEE, which are not adequately exploited, and which could contain extremely precious deposits of secondary raw materials. By recycling these materials, we could reduce the energy used and the greenhouse gases emitted during the extraction of primary materials by about 80%."

Mr Canni Ferrari explained his company’s role in the recycling process: “Consorzio ERP Italia is a non-profit consortium which fulfils the legal obligations of many manufacturers for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators. We work to bring concrete benefits to the environment, and to improve the economic sustainability of takeback and recycling, so that we can contribute to the circular economy, a sector of growing employment. We also offer advice to companies that want to make the most of their resources and therefore focus on the circular economy.”

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