Wuppertal Institute and Prevent Waste Alliance publish new study on the prevention of plastic waste

June 4th, 2020

The Wuppertal Institute, a leading German research institute focused on climate, environment, and energy, has just published a new study as part of the Prevent Waste Alliance of which Landbell Group is a member.

The new study “Prevention of plastic waste in production and consumption by multi-actor partnerships” looks at the growing problem of plastic waste and offers solutions to forge a more sustainable and circular economy.

Landbell Group contributed to the study with two case studies from former Green Alley Award winners, RePack and Sulapac. The two ambitious start-ups are taking novel approaches to eliminating plastic waste: RePack through reusable packaging for e-commerce; Sulapac through a fully biodegradable plastic substitute made out of wood.

The new study was presented, via video conference, by Dr. Henning Wilts, Director of Circular Economy at the Wuppertal Institute, and is now available for download at the Prevent Waste Alliance homepage.

Source: https://prevent-waste.net/

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