ERP contributes to consultation on waste shipment rules

September 30th, 2020

The European Commission recently carried out another consultation to gather input for the planned revision of the legal framework for the shipment of waste, most notably the waste shipment regulation. Landbell Group company European Recycling Platform (ERP) contributed to the consultation.

The consultation asked for feedback on how the legal framework needs to be adapted in order to best support the transition to a circular economy. In addition, the Commission hopes to receive proposals from stakeholders on how to avoid the illegal export of waste to third countries and how to strengthen the overall enforcement of the rules.

ERP believes that the transport of waste within the European Union should be made easier, especially when it is destined for preparation for reuse or recycling, as the current restrictions and different rules in member states prevent waste from being transported to where it can best be recovered. According to ERP, the same applies to the export of waste to third countries, which should continue to be allowed if local recycling meets the necessary environmental standards.

The planned strengthening of enforcement is also fully supported by ERP.

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