Compliance Global (C-Global) Service

July 26th, 2021

LANDBELL GROUP, founded in Germany in 1995, is an international service provider for environmental and chemical compliance, consultancy and software.

The LANDBELL GROUP comprises the following brands: Landbell GmbH, H2 Compliance, European Recycling Platform, Prodigentia and Green Alley Investment GmbH. Together they enable customers to comply with various legal regulations worldwide offering bespoke take-back, consulting and software solutions.

In particular, H2 Compliance offers services across Europe and beyond and provides bespoke solutions for our customers current and future needs, linked to the circular economy, and enabling them to focus on their core business.

H2 Compliance is composed of a highly qualified core team of professionals with offices in Ireland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Finland, and the USA and a network of partners and associates in the USA, Europe, Turkey, Korea and China.

The mission of H2 Compliance is to deliver tailored and pragmatic consultancy services to meet our customer’s chemical and environmental compliance needs.

H2 Compliance works closely together with the local in-country Landbell teams, leveraging on our joint know-how and network coverage as well as providing centralised support to our customers.

One of its services is Compliance Global (C-Global) which provides support for companies that have to fulfill their obligations beyond EU.

The services include:

  • Assessment of legal obligation
  • Registration with schemes and authorities
  • Data reporting
  • Invoice management
  • Information on copyright levy
  • Standardisation
  • Design, marking and information requirements
  • Green Dot licensing

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