Sustainable Business Impact Awards launch

March 11th, 2021

Martin Tobin speaks about what makes a strong submission

Martin Tobin recently joined his fellow judges for the Sustainable Business Impact Awards launch. Chambers Ireland hosted a webinar where the judges had in an interesting discussion on what makes a strong submission for the awards.

The judges talked about how the initiative needs to be engrained in the organisation’s DNA and asked potential entrants to consider what would be the impact if the programme stopped. Martin touched on the relevance of developing a strong narrative, detailing what the initiative is, why it is being done, the impact and the strategic direction. All the judges are looking for entries that are energetic and enthusiastic, delivering compelling stories with strong narratives and clear strategies on why the organisation is doing what it is doing.  The judges agreed that respectful engagement and respectful collaboration with partners is central to every collaboration – and the strongest collaboration being when competitors come together for a common good.

The deadline for applications is 12pm, Wednesday 28th April, and the application forms can be accessed via Chambers Ireland’s website.  ERP would like to wish the very best of luck to all entrants.

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