by ERP Ireland

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As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaches, many online and retail stores have deals offering great discounts on Christmas gifts – and many of these will include electrical goods.

@ERPIreland is working with electrical retailers to offer FREE recycling of any household electrical items: @CurrysPCWorld @DIDElectrical @EuronicsIreland @ExpertElectrical @HarveyNorman @Power City @Soundstore

From large to small items, indeed, anything with a plug or a battery can be dropped off for recycling and you don’t even have to make a purchase. Just look out for the We’ll Take it Back signs.

This Black Friday remember the 3 R’s:

Repair what is broken.

Reuse what you can.

Recycle the rest for free at your local electrical store or recycling centre.

With thanks from @ERPIreland