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March 22nd, 2022

2022 Green Alley Award Finalists Announced..

A plant-based alternative to plastic coating for fruit and vegetables, a digital platform for circular fashion, a sustainable cushioning material, a plastic-like but ecological food packaging, a global platform for trading recyclable materials and a second life for electric car batteries – these startup ideas are nominated for the 2022 Green Alley Award and they are going to boost the circular economy.

All six finalists will present their business idea live on stage in Berlin on April 28, 2022. The jury will then ask them questions to determine the Green Alley Award winner for 2022. If you want to find out more about the startups and experience the award ceremony live in Berlin, register for the event here:

Here are the finalists:

Agree (Italy) No more plastic wrapping: The plant-based edible coating, developed by Agree, protects fruit and vegetables, which increases shelf life and avoids food waste.

Atelier Riforma (Italy) Enabling circular fashion: Using AI technology and a digital platform, Atelier Riforma helps the fashion industry to optimize the reuse and resale of textile waste.

FlexiHex (UK) Eliminate styrofoam and bubble wrap: The FlexiHex plastic packaging alternative made of paper has a patented honeycomb design to protect fragile items.

MakeGrowLab (Poland) Biomaterial revolution: The coatings and films with plastic-like properties for food packaging can be recycled either like paper or biodegrade in your organic bin. ScrapAd (Spain) Green marketing: ScrapAd provides a global platform for trading recyclable materials to counteract the lack of information in the recycling industry.

Voltfang (Germany) Extending the lifecycle of batteries: Voltfang’s green electricity storage system uses electric car batteries to provide clean energy at home.

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