Circular Economy Success Award

May 9th, 2018

ERP sponsors the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management 2018

ERP is sponsoring the Circular Economy Success Award at the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management which takes place on 10th May 2018 in London.

This prestigious event recognises the achievements of companies and organisations in reducing waste to landfill. The Circular Economy Success Award also rewards and promotes the achievements of companies that are making a successful contribution to this important field. The four finalists for this year's Circular Economy Success Award are:

  • GENeco, the recycling and renewable energy company, which treats over 700,000 tonnes of varied waste per annum, including food, liquid and solid materials, and transforms them into usable products such as biofertilisers and renewably-sourced gas and electricity for homes.
  • Mainetti, the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality retail solutions, which operates extensive reuse programmes. None of the waste generated by Mainetti goes to landfill and items such as hangers which cannot be reused are granulated to produce new hangers. The company has also begun supplying packaging solutions to the food industry.
  • MGB Plastics, the UK's largest and leading manufacturer of wheeled bins and kitchen caddies, which has made extensive efforts to reduce virgin material consumption by using recycled or reprocessed material in its products and packaging.
  • The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group, which develops collection and recycling opportunities for paper cups, and identifies and supports solutions that sustainably transform used paper cups into a valuable resource.

As part of our commitment to innovation around this major economic and environmental opportunity, ERP UK is also sponsoring and participating in this year's Green Alley Award, which works with circular economy pioneers to develop their business model and introduce them to potential customers.

We wish all the finalists at this year's Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management the very best of luck!

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