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April 30th, 2019

Come meet Landbell Group’s at edie Live

Landbell Group heads to edie Live May 21 - 22 to host their 'International Producer Compliance' Advice Clinic. And with a limited number of 20 mins slots available each day to receive free expert advice on how to track and efficiently manage international obligations - visitors are encouraged to book now.

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Meet the experts

Caroline Morrison - Head of Compliance

Photo of Caroline. M

Caroline has worked in Producer Responsibility for 19 years within compliance schemes and data consultancy. She has wide-ranging experience of working directly with customers to support their compliance and reporting requirements.

In her role at ERP, Caroline heads up the compliance scheme services for Packaging, WEEE and Batteries in the UK, and Data Services for customers in the UK and Ireland.

Richard Dove - Business Development Manager

Photo of Richard.D

Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the area of Producer Responsibility. At ERP Richard leads on Packaging Compliance and Data Services, developing data and compliance solutions for many UK and international clients.

Having also worked for a leading retailer during the introduction of the Packaging Waste Regulations, developing their data reporting and compliance system, Richard has a unique understanding of the needs of clients.

Rupert Foxall - Global Key Account Manager

Photo of Rupert F

Rupert has worked in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for over 14 years, in both consulting and in-house roles.

He has extensive experience of setting up and managing global compliance projects, and in-depth knowledge of international WEEE, Battery & Packaging requirements.


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